Capricorn Horoscope September 2022: Set Boundaries

You’re Going Places This Month, Capricorn, Really, Your Capricorn Horoscope for September 2022 Guarantees it! As Mercury in your official 10th house opposes Jupiter on September 2nd, you are feeling incredibly confident in your social status at work. However, too much confidence in your sway can make it difficult to build a career with a real foundation. Remember, you have limited time, so make sure you are focusing it on the right projects.

However, once Mercury station retrograde In your ambitious 10th house on 9th September, this can create some complications, especially when it comes to your relationships with your superiors. Try underpromising and overdelivering instead of breaking too many promises this month, as your reputation takes years to build and a moment to break! Instead of moving on completely, try to spend extra time trying to fix everything. You’ll be glad you did when you realized it helped you avoid accidentally hurting someone or making a silly mistake.

Once Full Moon in Pisces Shimmering through your third house of communication, this will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions that you really need answers to, Capricorn. This is also your time to set the record straight and speak your truth in the ether. Take this opportunity to clarify yourself.

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You’re getting a chance to rethink the way you’re navigating your career around September 18, when Mercury retrogrades and opposes Jupiter in the fourth house of your home and family. In fact, a relative may have an opportunity for you to be stupid enough not to seek! Either way, you’re returning to a project that might not have worked out before, but might look promising once again. However, as Venus is a . makes conflict with neptune On September 24th, you may find yourself spending too much time in your comfort zone, especially if it’s taking your attention away from your goals.

Luckily, new moon in Libra There will be a mighty new beginning on 25th September. As it hits the red carpet for the 10th House of your public image, you’re making your best move and realizing that there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to accomplishing that. You’ve always dreamed. There’s no better time to do something different!

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