Cam Newton may be out of all opportunities

Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers walks off the field after losing 29-21 to the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on December 12, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

time is running out cam newton to find your next quarterback job in NFL for 2022.

However, he may now run out of opportunities with NFL teams.

But that’s not stopping him from trying to get his next NFL team to play for.

With an interview he did earlier in June, he revealed his desire to be a starting quarterback in the NFL again.

While this is something he has always mentioned, he also revealed something else that was new to some fans.

Newton mentions how he put himself in a bad position in 2020 and 2021

Something that cannot but inspire confidence in Newton comes from his observations about his time in New England and Carolina.

Coming out with him about how he didn’t know the Patriots offense eight weeks into the season, it wouldn’t be something NFL teams want with a quarterback.

How can he be a starting quarterback if he doesn’t know the playbook deeply enough that season?

He also said that the situation was similar in Carolina, and how he was thrown in as a starter without knowing the full playbook.

But with these statements of his, he reveals himself to be someone who cannot adapt to a new situation.

This gives NFL teams every reason to look for him when searching for a starting quarterback.

Can he recover his image after his own comments and actions hurt himself?

If he wants another chance as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he needs to fix his image.

He has been someone who doesn’t take responsibility for his failures as a quarterback.

However, he is accepting of his failures, which may help him in the future.

But just accepting the issues he has is not enough.

He needs to work on improving himself, not just accepting his problems.

If he’s having trouble learning the offensive playbook, he needs to work on it now.

Studying the playbook is the first key for him to make chance as a player.

Showing NFL teams that he’s over that acknowledged problem could help him land the next quarterback job.

However, it is up to him to do so, and not the other things he is currently doing.

Doing podcast interviews isn’t going to help

whereas Colin Kaepernick On the field to show his mettle, Newton stops interviewing for podcasts.

One quarterback is trying to show that he is worthy of the quarterback job, the other is broadcasting his personal life.

No matter what people feel about the quarterback, at least one is making the case for a comeback.

The other is simply talking about it and saying that they are starting material.

However, if Newton gets serious about him starting QB again, he needs to do the work Kaepernick is doing.

Exercising, along with fixing issues with his personal playbook knowledge, will help him return to his former glory.

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