Bullet Train launches with $62.5M global debut; Top Gun Top $1.35B WW – Deadline

refresh for latest, Coming a little earlier than pre-weekend projectionsSony’s bullet train Pulled in 57 overseas markets for one $32.4M international box office launch. while incorporating domestic start is global start $62.5M,

Brad Pitt-Starrer Goes Off for Biggest Offshore Debut for a Non-IP Studio Film Theorytracking similar to Murder on the Orient Express And Kingsman: The Secret Service,

Like Stateside, audience reactions overseas are tipping important notes, and there are still several major markets to come as the holidays continue.

in foreign games, UK Led with a start of $3.5M, followed by France and $3.1M, Mexico distributing $3M, Australia $2.2M and . rolling up to Saudi Arab Watch $1.9M.

The IMAX portion of the global bow is $4.1M. (More details to come.)

Elsewhere, Universal Minions: The Rise of Gru There was a solid grip, down 42% in its 7th offshore frame with a . for $15.9 million Weekends in 80 markets. foreign total is now $423.3 million For $757.9 Global. Internationally, performing in line with the original story minions And low me 3 at the same point of release.

The top holdover of the session was the market Korea Where there is great local competition. Cum to date is $14.6M to overtake earlier lifetime minions With all Soul, making it the largest Hollywood animation (in restocked dollars) market for the pandemic. In Australiawhere gru Released early, it is now the top film of the entire franchise with a running cost of $28.3 million.

Other exceptional markets include: UK ($44 million), Brazil ($28.3 million), Germany ($26.1 million) and Japan And France At $20M each. Italy is still to be released later this month.

Warner Bros. DC League of Super-Pets cheated on others $11.4M This weekend in 67 markets (-41% hold). offshore low is now $38.3M With worldwide tally $83.4 million, Particularly strong markets included Germany (-23%), Colombia (-27%), France (-29%), Poland (-30%) and Mexico (-39%).

Netherlands Started with $575K on 192 Screens, Topping light year 40% more Charm by 33%. The top markets to date are UK ($7.6M), Mexico ($4.3 million), France ($3 million), Spain ($2.1M) and Germany ($1.8M). Korea and Taiwan let the pooch loose over the next weekend.

Disney/Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder Estimated on the way to $700M worldwide $699 million through Sunday. last season, it was already over Thor: Ragnarok As the top picture of a four-title franchise (based on current rates and excluding Russia and China). Internationally, gross is $382.8M In 48 content markets, including this weekend $11.1M50% drop from the earlier frame.

In major markets, the Taika Waititi-directed entry still peaked at number 1 in Italy and number 2 in France and Australia.

top 5 markets are UK ($40.3 million), Australia ($28.6M), Mexico ($27.5 million), Korea ($22.6M) and Brazil ($21.2M).

Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick Those engines still heat, with a 28% drop internationally $10.3M Weekend (its 11th) in 64 markets. offshore low is now $690 million For $1,352.5M Global.

The grip for Tom Cruise’s dominance overseas is still strong. UK has reached $96.2M with a stratosphere Japan (Only 12% off last season) Now $78.7 million more Korea At $61M. Australia has reduced $60.9M and France has reduced $51.6M.

Universal / Amblin’s Jurassic World Dominion passed this weekend Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness To become the second biggest Hollywood release of 2022 worldwide. There is a global shortage through Sunday $960.1M Including $588.2 million abroad. The latter figure tells about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom At the same point and when except China and Russia. had an international weekend $6.2M in 86 markets.

By far the largest markets are China ($157.4M), UK ($41.7M), France ($28.4M), Germany ($23.3 million) and Japan ($20.2 million).


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