Britney Spears’ Kids Are Keeping Their Distance, Finding Her Instagram Photos “Difficult,” Says Kevin Federline

Kevin FederlineMusician, dancer, reality TV star, and ex-husband of Britney Spears, went on record in a rare, lengthy interview with Britain’s ITV television network. While the full program is yet to air, daily mail Published excerpts on Saturday, which have already prompted a reaction from the newlywed Spears.

Most notable were Federline’s statements about the two children she shared with Spears, boys aged 16 and 15. He claimed that the children chose not to see their mothers, despite living not too far from each other in the Greater Los Angeles area. (spear and new husband Sam Asghari recently left Spears’ Thousand Oaks mansion for a new, $11.8 million Home in Calabasas, Calif.)

“The boys have decided they just don’t see him,” Federline said in the interview. “It’s been a few months since they saw her. They decided not to go to her wedding.”

Federline even invited her sons to watch the public fight between Spears and her father, jamie spearsOn her conservatism “the most challenging task I’ve ever done in my life.”

Federline said she believed that the controversial conservatism, from which Spears fought to be free, was ultimately done with good intentions. “When Jamie took over, things got in order. He saved her life,” he said.

He said that Spears’ recent trend for posting nude selfies Has forced her on Instagram in the words of daily mail“Apologies to the boys for any criticism they experienced as a result.”

“I try to convince them,” said Federline, “‘Maybe that’s just another way of expressing himself.’ But that doesn’t take away from the fact that what it does to them. It’s tough.” He concluded that he “can’t imagine what it feels like to go to high school as a teenager.”

He also said that he has no hard feelings towards Jamie Spears or anyone else in the wider Spears clan. “I would totally welcome Jamie Spears into the boys’ lives,” he said, even though he and Britney’s father had their own legal entanglement last. “People make mistakes,” Federline said. “I feel sorry for him. I feel like he’s been put through the wrinkling.”

Federline currently lives with his wife, former pro volleyball player. Victoria Prince, with whom he shares two children. In interviews he stated that his other eldest two children, who were with his previous girlfriend Shar Jacksonare regular guests, bringing the Federline brood to six.

In later interviews, discussing the stress of growing up in the glare of global stardom, he said, “If there was a way – either way – I could possibly ask for something to open up to. [Britney’s] Eyes – but I haven’t found that yet. I’m like, if I get that, I’m going to try and tell her over the phone.”

None of this went very well with Britney Spears or Sam Asghari.

The pop icon took to Instagram stories on Saturday night To writeIn white on a plain black background, “I am sorry to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children.”

He continued, “As we all know, raising teenage boys is not easy for anyone. It worries me the fact that the reasons are based on my Instagram… this was long before Instagram,”

She continued, using the stream of consciousness, “I gave them everything… Only one word: Heartful… I’ll say it… My mother told me ‘you should give them to their father’.”

She concluded “I’m sharing this because I can… Have a nice day guys!”

Asgari quipped on his own Instagram stories, Writing “To clarify that my wife has never posted nude selfies except for her butt which is pretty minor these days.”

On Sunday morning, Spears posted a follow-up to Instagram, writing, “I’m only human and I’ve done my best,” and “I’d like to boldly ask Federline. [sic] BIG BOOTY VIDEO to watch,” which is probably a reference Gucci Mane,Megan The Stallion helpWhich Spears cites as artists who were “doing worse things when their kids were very young.”

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