Britney Spears’ ex Jason Alexander indicted after interruption in marriage

The judge may not have said the actual line, but the message was clear: Leave Britney alone!

Jason Alexander, No Beloved actor best known for playing George Costanza Seinfeldbut 40 year old man who was married Britney Spears Was convicted of grievous trespass and battery in a court in Ventura County, California this week, for 55 hours in 2004, according to The Associated Press, Prosecutors dropped the vandalism charges of felony and misdemeanor. Sikandar was sentenced to 64 days in prison, which he had already served. He is also forbidden to come within 100 yards of Spears or an unidentified security guard with whom he had a fight.

in juneSpears, 40, Married Sam Asghari, 28, lived at home in Thousand Oaks, California. (they have since left new excavation in Calabasas, Calif.) Alexander, who befriended Spears in her youth in Louisiana, attempted to tie the knot while streaming herself on Instagram.

A physical altercation reportedly took place between him and a security team member. She was taken in handcuffs, but not before Spears walked to the locked bedroom door where she was preparing. One door was damaged during the encounter. Fortunately, the wedding went on as planned, as did the festivities, which included the guests. the mother of jesus, Selena GomezAnd Paris Hilton,

In 2021, Alexander was Arrested in Nashville, Tennessee on charges of driving under the influence, illegal drug use, and possession or accidental exchange of a controlled substance. He also refused to submit himself for a blood alcohol test, which is a civil offense in Tennessee. There another A DUI charge was filed against him in Louisiana in 2016. in 2015Alexander spent four months in prison in San Francisco for domestic abuse.

Spears and Alexander Their 2004 wedding took place in Las Vegas, a city famous for clear thinking. The bride wore jeans and a baseball cap, and later called the incident “really silly,” adding, “After the party, you know, you don’t really think about what you’re doing.” Fair enough.

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