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when even Britney Spears Can’t keep his gas tank full, you know times are tough. Britney, 40, found herself in a dire situation on Tuesday night, according to documents obtained by hollywoodlife, Law enforcement received a call around 10 p.m. about a white Mercedes blocking the third southbound lane on Highway 101. The incident took place north of Balboa Blvd, and police responded quickly to the unrest. When they arrived, they found Brittany sitting in the back seat of a passerby’s vehicle.

Brittany ran out of gas while driving, and water started pouring out of her car while she was in the middle of the highway. She drove it to the side of the lane, but couldn’t get it out of traffic. Once the California Highway Patrol stopped traffic to get to the vehicle safely, an officer got into the car. Brittany sat in the passenger seat while the vehicle was pushed safely. After that, the officers reportedly waited with Brittany—who was grateful for the assistance—up to her husband. Sam Asghari came to pick him up.

Brittany’s car in 2019 (backgrid)

A few days before this highway headache, Britney proved the saying “Sun out, buns out” by sharing her photos swimming naked, Britney has been testing how far she can go on the ‘gram when it comes to nudity, but she made sure parts of her were covered by editing the pics. He added some strategic points to a picture and crossed his back in a second.

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The dip in the blue-green waters may have happened during her and Sam’s tropical honeymoon. She and Sam, 28, wedding in early juneAnd in the weeks that followed, Britney filled up her IG photo and video Taken from their leave in heaven.

Speaking of headaches, Britney’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, pleaded not guilty to one felony of stalking with a prior domestic violence sentence and three offenses of aggravated trespass, refusal to leave personal property, vandalism and battery. Jason made Britney’s wedding famous. he finally got one Order to ban him for 3 years.

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