Brian Flores took an important stand for the NFL

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores watches the warmup before a game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on November 21, 2021 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
(Photo by Sarah Steer/Getty Images)

In an age where honesty and integrity are rarely to be found, Brian Flores shows he has both qualities.

While he is locked in a case of racial discrimination NFLHe has also taken an important stand for them.

Despite being accused of a biased recruitment process for head coaches, he takes the integrity of the game seriously.

When offered the opportunity to receive more money for throwing games, Flores did not take the offer.

Instead of tanking while coaching the Miami Dolphins, he would win the game in 2019.

Those wins, however, will put a target on his back, as they cost the team the first overall pick in 2020.

As we now know, his actions slowly shoot him down and the truth about Miami is revealed.

Flores reveals tampering violations by Dolphin ownership, among other misdemeanors

When the Dolphins fired Flores, it opened a can of worms for the team, their top officials, and the NFL.

They exposed all the dirty secrets of ownership, targeted them tom brady And Sean Peyton While they were still with their respective teams.

His claim of an offer for the tank by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is something the NFL doesn’t need in the public eye.

However, he dared to bring it to the NFL and the public.

While some may claim that his only reason for doing so is his firing, this does not negate the fact that it did happen.

But with firing aside, Ross’s action and his willingness to throw the game remain a major concern.

This leads fans to distrust the results of NFL games, as teams may lose sight of the objective of obtaining higher draft picks.

Is tanking a remote problem in the NFL?

With the light on Miami for the Attempt of Tanks game, it also raises questions.

Is tanking only a remote problem, or is it much bigger than what Flores has uncovered?

It may seem like teams are tanking for a higher draft pick.

While some accuse the Philadelphia Eagles of throwing away their last game of 2020, there are better examples.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a team that fans believe lost games to pick the best draft.

However, no evidence has ever been found of these allegations of tanking with those teams.

But with the Dolphins, Flores gave the NFL the ammo they needed to go after the Dolphins.

This means that some teams have problems doing this.

While there are concerns, the NFL used Flores’ success in Miami to drop the tanking charges against him.

Flores is a hero for uncovering dolphins

For NFL fans who value the integrity of NFL games, Flores is a hero.

He has shed light on the dark underbelly of NFL teams that are desperate for the best college players.

Fans must applaud him for the courage he has shown while highlighting these things.

The NFL needs to show that they are holding teams accountable when they are breaking the rules of the league.

If they are not, then NFL team owners will continue to break these rules without remorse.

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