Bradley Beal still believes in magicians

Bradley Beale of the Washington Wizards handles the ball #3 during an NBA game at Footprint Center on December 16, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.
(Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

there were rumors that Bradley Beal will leave Washington Wizards during this current offseason.

Some assumed that he would eventually leave the Wiz and sign with a different team, perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, or Dallas Mavericks.

But in the end, Beale stuck with the only NBA team he’s ever known and shows that he truly believes his squad is something special.

Speaking of his Wizards, Biel recently spoke his heart out about what a final victory would be like:

“I think if I win a championship here in DC, its the grind, with everything I’ve been through, with all the adversities and ups and downs, that’ll make the win sweeter, I’m going to love it.” More to appreciate.”

A championship ring would be a very, very big deal for Beale and Washington, but most people think they are still only a few steps away from a real possibility.

win in Washington

Beale has certainly been loyal to his team, but he never had the kind of stars around him that are needed for true postseason success.

The team had a great start last season with new additions Kyle Kuzma And Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope Giving Beale a big help.

But then things got derailed and Vij again missed the playoffs.

It is clear that the lineup needs further changes and changes.

Beale is definitely the centerpiece of the team and the most loved player in DC but if the team wants to make an impact in the Eastern Conference, it needs more people on its side.

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