Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel Play Trivia: Watch!

Mr Feeney taught them well! rider strong, Danielle Fischel And Will Friedl Might not completely miss some of the episodes they’ll be replaying on their new “Pod Meets World” podcast, but the actors know their trivia about the beloved series, boy meets world,

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Strong, 42, Fishel, 41, and Friedl, 45, were quick to answer facts about the John Adams High Gang – Sean Hunter, Topanga Lawrence, Eric Matthews and more – In us weekly exclusive game. And even when one answer was a little off, they were quick to correct each other.

How Did the Feeny Call Begin BMW Cast Play Trivia Rider Strong Danielle Fischel Watch the Fridle?

Ryder Strong, Danielle Fischel and Will Friedl. us weekly/youtube

naturally, The trio immediately find out who Corey Matthews is? ,Ben Savage) cheated with Topanga.

“Lauren Of course, of course. Yes. linda cardelliniFridle says about the ski trip fiasco.

An easy one, of course – who gave the last line of the series?

“Mr. Bill Daniels,” replies Fishel. The loud chime in: “‘Class rejected.'”

However, Corey and Sean’s college room number was a bit difficult to remember.

“No guesses! We had a room number?” Strong jokes.

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Longtime friends knew exactly when Topanga cut her coveted hair.

How Feni Calls Started Will BMW Cast Play Trivia Rider Strong Danielle Fishel Freed Ben Savage?

The cast of ‘Boy Meets World’ in 1993. Touchstone TV / Cobal / Shutterstock

“Oh man. I believe there is season 4,” Fischl says, as the trio shouted the episode title together: “Hair Today, Gun Tomorrow!

But for that one question that stumped him? How many times did Eric say “Phoenice!” Said. in seven seasons. And it turns out, no one ever counted! But the actor can change that on his podcast, which he launched in June.

As for the calls, Friedl actually started exaggerating Mr Feeney (William Daniels) names in later episodes, no instructions from the writers’ room.

fantasy tv hometown

“The script would say something like ‘Eric walks to the fence’ and then I would have a line like [of] ‘Mr. Feeney!’ with an exclamation point. that was it. And then I, being a ham, it got longer and longer and longer. It was all just me,” reveals Friedl We, “As long as I can be on camera, I will! Especially in the beginning when it wasn’t about me at all, where it was exactly the same, I would milk it for as long as I could. And me Looks like Feeney Call was born.”

For more general knowledge with Strong, Fischel and Friedl, Watch the video above!

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