Boy, 6, shot in living room as gunfire strikes home, shakes community

The home of a 6-year-old child in Youngstown, Ohio, was hospitalized after a barrage of gunfire left the community stunned.

Police said the child’s condition is stable after the gunfight that took place in the eastern area in the early hours of Wednesday. ohio city. While an arrest is yet to be made, residents and community leaders are responding with alarm that the home was targeted wondering what would happen to the child. first day at school,

Officers reacted at home after the city’s ShotSpotter gunshot-detection system alerted them to gunshots, WFMJ reported. Arriving at the residence, officers gave first aid to the boy, who was shot in his living room. Officers took him to Mercy Health-St. Instead of waiting for the Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital ambulance.

The child was shot in the shoulder or back and is in a safe condition, the station reported.

police lights at night
Above, a blue flasher light of the siren of a police car is shown on a city street at night. Police in Youngstown, Ohio, responded to a call Wednesday morning to shoot a boy at his home in what would be his first day of school.
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Not many other children and adults in the house were injured at the time, WKBN reported, police The station reported that the bullets believed to have been aimed at another person in the home had previously attracted the attention of law enforcement.

Investigators have not determined the number of weapons fired or the number of weapons used, but have collected “several” shell casings in front of the house and neighbors reported hearing more than 20 shots, according to the station.

“We have to go and curb our appetite for these kinds of things,” says activist and businessman Derrick McDowell later told WKBN, “We have to address the people who are afraid. We have to address the people who are apathetic.”

According to U.S. Census data, Youngstown, near the Pennsylvania border, has a population of about 60,000, about a third of whom live in poverty. the city has a high Crime A violent crime rate of 7.3 per 1,000 residents, more than double the rate for the rest of Ohio, according to for local data analytics website Neighborhood Scout.

In Youngstown, 21 people aged 19 or under have died in the past five years. WFMJ reported in June. The station reported that the city has seen an increase in the number of teenagers killed in gun violence since 2021.

Members of the local clergy told WKBN that peace marches and vigilance had some success in stopping the shootings, but said the violence would only end with greater community participation.

Ken Simon, pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church, told the station, “These people are joining the counsel.” “People are joining the mediation. People are joining the parenting group we’re organizing, because it’s going to take us all.”

Youngstown Police Captain Jason Simon told WFMJ that additional patrols and public safety involvement have prevented the violence. But he added that unless the underlying issues of poverty and lack of education are addressed, gun violence will continue in the city.

“It’s not only police presence, but it’s community support and working with our partners to keep crime off the streets,” Simon said. “Not only putting people in jail but making sure people are employed and resolving their conflicts in ways other than shooting at homes.”

A spokesman for the Youngstown Police Department said newsweek No additional information was received on Wednesday evening.

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