Boris Johnson’s replacement will be another conservative

It would be “painful”, said boris johnson, Standing in front of a group of journalists at 10 Downing Street to watch as many of his ideas and projects fail to come to fruition. and yet for that failure, the person who as a The child declares that he wants to be the “king of the world” Only myself was to blame. As he struggles to maintain relevance, polish off a much-tarnished legacy, and avoid an otherwise blatant disgrace, his now-conservative party, the challenge for weary members of UK politics and the British public, is to understand. Who and what can come next.

In the coming days, small group of nerds Essentially the UK’s lower house, the House of Commons, would choose from among 350 or so Conservative MPs. Early next week, this group—known as the 1922 Committee—is Be expected To ratify a set of rules governing leadership competition that would select Johnson’s successor. Since the Conservatives maintain a majority in parliament due to their resounding electoral victory in 2019, there is no automatic need for a new national vote. that means for third time in bus Seven YearsA newly anointed Conservative leader would automatically become Britain’s next prime minister.

Many of Johnson’s political opponents, as well as some of his fellow Conservatives, are eager to kick him out of office’s finesse-split over the next few days, rather than weeks or months. Although he has indicated that he intends to remain in the position for most of the summer, it will be challenging for him to persuade enough members of parliament to take government positions that he knows will be temporary.

In a measure of the present absurdity, Michelle Donelan, A woman who has wanted to be a politician since six years old, Johnson accepted the important job as Britain’s new education secretary on Tuesday night. By Thursday morning, he announced his resignation, (There is a precedent of such ups and downs; before the Brexit referendum in 2016, Johnson write two columns of newspaper—for and against the idea of ​​exiting Europe—but in the end only one was published). That person Donelan was changing as Minister of Education, Nadim Zahavi, Johnson had accepted – also Tuesday night – the second most senior role in British politics, that of finance minister – or, to be precise, Chancellor of the Exchequer In Her Majesty’s treasury, the second lord of the treasury (there are other such ownersIf you thought so, but he’s not the real owner, at least not yet).

Zahvi, Iraq-born British Success Story (Although With a History) partnership in a failed Kurdish oil company in his professional past) was called insane and power-hungry by critics on social media because he spent Wednesday Anyone who listens is telling aloud that Johnson should be left alone to continue his work. As of Thursday morning, he had updated his Twitter handle to reflect his new role and was writing an important note. Letter On the red, embossed Treasury notepaper that he had acted loyally to the country, to ensure that his department could “continue to function through the national crisis”, but that the Brits needed a government that ” Act with honesty.” Johnson, he exhorted, “must go now.” Jahvi, dear reader, is nonetheless regarded as one of the front runners to succeed Johnson as prime minister.

Some of the others are even loyal to Johnson—or at least they were kind enough to publicly trash him before the political winds turned. There are some self-proclaimed “Brexit Spartans” who never saw fit to vote for the kind of deal with the EU that could keep the country’s economy from falling off a cliff. An aspiring contender for the throne, a lawyer called Suella Braverman, He even went on national television Wednesday night to discuss Johnson’s future as the country’s current attorney general. He Told She is “proud of what she has achieved”, but Johnson’s “time has come.” Then with a clearly impressed upset, he answered a question about his desire to compete for the UK Premiership. “I’ll be with you straight away, Robert. Yes. I will,” she told the interviewer, Robert Peston, promise of As for “putting my name in the ring”, apparently unaware that this particular metaphor usually involves hats.

During the previous Conservative leadership contest, of which Johnson emerged as the winner, Brexit policy was by far the most contentious area of ​​controversy. Today, Britain faces other less-complicated crises, including sky-high energy prices and rampant inflation. As a former cabinet minister and longtime critic of Johnson rory stewart says Vanity Fair In an email, “We are in dire need of someone who is not only all about publicity, but who can govern well – who shows humility and critical thinking and above all honesty.” There appears to be a need for purpose and a seriousness of focus that has grown out of Johnson in recent times, and the impact of his reputation may well affect all the candidates who have remained in his class for so long. Stay tuned—especially cabinet members who are still sitting near them in Parliament as recently as Wednesday.

Any new British leader will undoubtedly seek to continue supplying military and financial aid to war-torn Ukraine as it fights to retake Russian-occupied territory, including the Crimean peninsula. It was there that a previous disaster involved Russia, during a now notoriously disastrous 19th-century military action by a cavalry regiment known as the Charge of the Light Brigade. Tomorrow in parliament, Johnson’s main political rival, the leader of the Labor Party Keer Starrer, sharp In the “Z-List of Nodding Dogs,” which surrounded Johnson despite his impending collapse, and happily denigrated his inexperience as they yelled back at him. This group represented, he asked to laughter in the House of Commons, “the charge of the light brigade.”

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