Blueface Responds to His Mom’s Claims He’s Prostitution of Christian Rock: “Nobody Says My Mom Is True”

tuesday morning, rapper blueface took to instagram To address his mother’s allegations that he is “prostitution” by his girlfriend, Christian Rock.
follow them Hollywood There was a dispute earlier in August, the rapper’s mother, Carlisa Saffold, took him to Instagram Stories To discuss the couple’s relationship on Monday.

“Dam, the whole family, this poor girl is being prostituted,” Saffold wrote. “Now I feel real bad. You all sent this girl back here knowing she’s terribly upset! I bet there’s nothing from either of you about the next episode Because you all the proudest right sent back after you all saw him getting socked out.

He continued, “I said what I said. I meditate. Be grateful. Get tired of whatever you want, but I fight for the mines until the budgie man or woman is gone. I meditate about mines.” Will be perfect every single day! Better you ask him about me. I give less than a dam about his fans or they comment. So keep the algorithm coming.”

She continued: “That girl is so old she knows she’s not love. Bobby didn’t love Whitney and neither. They look at a couple dollars and think it’s love. Let’s give @jaidynalexxis one The man is found, and you will all see his love. I am the mother I know. Looking for interview parents who are suffering from their children’s bad choices in the love interest. Today me with my stories DM me. Thanks.”

Later on Monday, Blueface addressed his remarks, saying he had lost his mother to the influence of social media.

“None of what my mom says is true,” he wrote. “I don’t even know that woman anymore. I lost her on the internet. She just wants to be famous for getting her hair done for free. She’s not even loud enough to see her grandchildren because She has lost herself on Instagram and no one wants to mingle with her.”

In response, her mother called her “cat ass n-gga” and alleged that their relationship had gone south after her feud with Christian Rock.

“You poor kid all looks soft,” she wrote. “You lost your mom on the internet. You’re a gangsta p…a..n……suck it up and stop acting like you can’t finish the play. If you can’t see the pass, run the ball yourself.” Money made you a follower! There’s no guarantee this prankster won’t screw it up like you did, then you’ll be sitting there looking stupid. Game over.”

“Stop being lazy, move your dam’s feet, and write music. You always want someone to complete it for you. Don’t forget that you’re not allowed to take your kids anywhere without their mom’s supervision.”

She continued, “@bluefasebabyy son the day you let that woman disrespect me and then kicked me in the head while you videotaped it. You lost everything that day you haven’t accepted yet Done. You had a job and that was to open the door for those of us who earned it. You couldn’t even do that. You never were! You were just the gatekeeper. I’ll take it from here. “

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