Blueface ‘Keep It 100’ about future productions with (exclusive) Chrissian

blueface is honest about his true feelings for his boo, Christian Rock When buying new clothes.

The “Thotiana” rapper is the first guest on The Shade Room for the second season of our original series, “Keep It 100,” where he talks about his future creation with the 22-year-old social media star.

How Blueface and Christian Rock Met

The relationship between Christian Rock and Blueface, aka Jonathan Porter, began after he appeared on the reality show “Blue Girls Club”, which also featured the mother of his children, Jadin Alexis, and a roster of girls competing for his attention. Included. The series has aired for four seasons so far.

Rock broke a tooth during a brawl with Alexis on the show. She is now known for her off-kilter smile.

Subsequently, Rock signed to his music label, Blueface Records in 2020. She eventually publicly acknowledged her feeling for blueface when he showed her the jewelry to sign her to his music label.

Blueface, 25, tells host Buzzy Baker that he’s already envisioned an entire skyscraper in the future between him and Cristian.

As far as me and him, we are building. I think we’ll have a skyscraper by the time we’re done. If all goes well… you know […] She doesn’t burn down my house or anything.

Hit the ‘play’ button to hear Blueface talk about building skyscrapers with his official lady, Chrisian.

Blueface has a new baby and a new official girlfriend

In case you missed it, Blueface has had a lot to celebrate over the past two weeks. TSR previously reported that Christian Rock announced that Blueface asked her to be his official girlfriend while sharing the news on Twitter. The Rock made the announcement just a day after the rapper welcomed his second child with his ex. Jadin Alexis.

Jadin took to IG to share the baby news, posting a photo of the baby’s leg, and captioning it with the baby’s name—Journey Alexis Porter. The exiles also share a 3-year-old son named Javughan.

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