Bills Linebacker Von Miller Talks About His Favorite Country Artists On Pat McAfee Show: “Chris Stapleton… Luke Combs” – Whiskey Riff

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Von Miller has been known for cracking skulls in the NFL, and he’s been doing it for over a decade.
The Buffalo Bills linebacker has been one of the best linebackers in the league for practically his whole career, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.
However, little did we know that Miller is a big country music fan as well.
The 33-year-old recently made an appearance on Pat McAfee’s show, and McAfee asked him if he gets the aux in the locker room. he confessed that he’s the resident DJ of the locker room, and plays all kinds of genres, a little something for everybody.
Pat and the crew break out into a magnificent rendition of Luke Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” and that’s when he asked Miller if he played any country music on the aux.
Miller then went through all of the country artists he loves to play when he’s in the locker room, gearing up for a game.
Miller said:
“I play all types of country music for sure. Chris Stapleton, like you said Luke Combs, ‘Ain’t Worth The Whiskey’ that’s my guy Cole Swindell, I love Cole Swindell.
I’m from Texas A&M, like you’ve gotta love country to be at Texas A&M.”
MUCH respect (bummer on the A&M game last week…)
Not only is Miller a top linebacker in the league, but he has some great music taste as well. Now we just gotta get the man on some Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson, but hey, it’s one helluva start.
You can check out the full segment below:


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