Bill to decriminalize psychedelics in California influenced by lawmakers

Some psychedelic drugs such as “magic mushroom”, MDMA, ketamine and LSD were outlawed by the California Legislature on Thursday, though the lawmaker who sponsored the bill vowed to reintroduce the measure next year.

Senate Bill 519 Some would have allowed for the possession and personal use of hallucinogenic drugs, which advocates said would provide an important mental health tool for treating addiction, PTSD, anxiety and depression, particularly for veterans. State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) said the bill was an important next step in ending the so-called War on Drugs, which has disproportionately imprisoned people of color.

The legislation was passed on Thursday in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, a gatekeeping panel that sifts through hundreds of bills and decides whether legislation that has a fiscal cost to the state will move to a full assembly, but the amendment proposal becomes only a study. was modified for. , The amendment was not debated or discussed, and it took Wiener a day to figure out how his bill was changed.

Wiener said in a statement, “While I am extremely disappointed with this result, I look forward to reintroducing this law next year and continue to argue that it is time to end the War on Drugs.” Is.” “Psychedelic drugs, which are not addictive, hold incredible promise when it comes to mental health and addiction treatment. We are not giving up.”

According to his spokesman, Wiener plans to withdraw the amended bill from consideration.

Wiener first introduced the bill in 2021, and the Senate narrowly approved it last summer. But Wiener lacked the necessary votes in the lower house and delayed another vote on SB 519 this year in order to buy time. Building support for the remedy.

The proposal would not have made the sale or sharing of psychedelics with people under the age of 21 free from crime.

Opponents of the bill, which included law enforcement groups and California District Attorney Asn, warned that decriminalizing psychedelics could have dangerous consequences and argued that the hallucinogenic effects of LSD contributed to the murders. Liberal Democrats often joined Republicans in the legislature. Voting against the measure.

The use of certain psychedelic drugs has been decriminalized Washington DC, And Oregon, With all Santa Cruz And oakland,

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