Bill Bellamy “Heartbroken” Family Feud Keeps Him From Attending Father’s Memorial Service

bill bellamy It turns out that a family feud caused her to miss her father’s “unauthorized” memorial service, leaving her “heartbroken.”

tmz Reports suggest that the actor and comedian is going through a challenging time right now, losing both his father-in-law and his father one after the other.

While Bellamy was out of the country, his sister Karen made plans to lay her father to rest on June 24. According to Bellamy, plans were already in place to put her father-in-law to rest in an isolated state. Time.

Bellamy took drastic measures and filed a restraining order to change the date, but his efforts were unsuccessful. There was no legal basis for the intervention of the judge in a family matter.

“In less than a month, I lost both my father, William Bellamy Sr., and my father-in-law, Bernard Baker Jr.,” Bellamy told the outlet. “These two wonderful individuals who have impacted my life and the lives of my family in a way that is beyond words.”

Bellamy continued, “My attempt to stop an unauthorized memorial service for my father, which was planned without my knowledge, was not successful. I am devastated for my family choosing to leave one service for another.” No one should remain in this position. My father-in-law’s memory service was confirmed in May when he passed away.”

Bellamy said he had no words to express his disappointment at missing his father’s service, and asked for prayers for the families. “I look forward to celebrating my father’s life and legacy in his time together with his wife, his grandchildren and our close friends,” he said.

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