Biden administration declares monkeypox outbreak a state of emergency

CNN Reports that the Biden administration has declared the monkeypox outbreak a state of emergency.

Monkeypox was first identified in May and now 6,600 cases have been reported. Furthermore, according to CNN, Wyoming and Montana are the only two states that have not listed any infected people.

States of emergency have already been declared in places like California, New York, New York City and San Francisco.

The announcement came during a briefing with the Department of Health and Human Services.

The announcement comes after the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency last month, saying it posed a “public health risk to other states through the international spread of the disease” and “potentially a coordinated international Feedback is required.’

WHO organization traces origin of monkeypox

The World Health Organization said that the virus is highly contagious spread mainly through sex involving men sleeping with other men– specifically highlighted the nearly 200 confirmed and suspected cases in at least a dozen countries. @AP spoke with Dr David Heyman, former head of WHO’s emergency department, who said the new findings traced back to an outbreak of monkeypox in raves conducted in Spain and Belgium, where sexual intercourse between men sleeping with other men There was more activity.

We know that monkeypox can be spread when there is close contact with the sores of an infected person, and it appears that sexual contact has now increased that transmission,” Heyman said. WHO officials said that although monkeypox is not classified as a sexually transmitted infection, the latest spike in cases appears to have spread among men who have sex with other men, but clarified that no one You can also contract monkeypox regardless of your sexual orientation. identity.

Monkeypox is spread through close contact with infected people, animals or material. The virus spreads through broken skin, respiratory tract, eyes, nose and mouth.

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