Betty Gilpin left in body bag during Law & Order shoot

betty gilpin‘s law & Order Experience will have you saying, “Dun dun!”

shine The actress recently recalled a less pleasurable experience she had during one of her early performances NBC procedural (for the record, Gilpin has appeared on three law & Order series, in four different roles.)

Notably, Gilpin recounts a particular experience on set, when she was zipped into a body bag—and left there.

“I was shot and left in an oil barrel, and then put in a body bag,” he shared on deadline 20 questions Podcast on August 26, “Basically, at the beginning of the scene, I’m zipped into the body bag, and then there’s a scene in the front of the body bag, and then they’re all gone. I hear ‘Zip’—the scene happens—’Bite ‘That’s lunch!’ The van doors close, I hear the van go away, steps on the gravel going further and farther away.”

But Gilpin recalled how a PA remembered he had been left in a body bag.

“I heard, ‘Oh my God!, then the gravel steps closer and closer, and [they] Untie the side of my face,” she said. “It was terrifying and thrilling.” Oh.

But, lucky for that PA — Gilpin said she “wasn’t going to tell anyone” because the role was one of her first jobs in the industry.

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