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yes family ready to bring in even more love, laughter and luxury house of ho season 2. fiddle And kim ho This season will join the family on screen and talk hollywoodlife Specifically what to expect. Bella’s father andy ho, “You are the youngest troubleshooter among all brothers and sisters.” is kim’s father tn hoJoe is one of 11 children in the “Ho family tree.”

Of everyone in the Ho family, Bella and Kim are the closest Judy And Leslie, “Leslie is just someone who can sit with us and we need someone to listen to our problems whenever we’re down and just get drunk and hang out,” Bella said. “She’ll go shopping with us. But then Judy is that woman who gives us solid advice. She has always been with us all our lives. ,

bella judy kim ho
Bella, Judy and Kim Ho. (HBO Max)

Kim said, “Judy has always been with us. She’s always been this picture-perfect idol that we just want to be bad enough. We put her on a pedestal, and she was so out of reach. But now that we Grown up, we can spend time with him and talk together as friends instead of an idol and a fan. It’s definitely a dynamic change that we really appreciate because we do it all the time Leslie and Judy leave and force them to move in with us. And then Leslie is a new addition to our family. We didn’t grow up around her, but as Bella said, she feels that She’s been our whole life and just one girlfriend we can chat and hang out with. They each provide a different kind of comfort that we definitely appreciate.”

In the trailer, it is revealed that Bela’s mother is “Justin Biber of Vietnam. Bella admitted that her relationship with her mother is “complicated,” to say the least.

“My mom is rediscovering herself. She’s still trying to be who she wants to be and find her purpose in life,” Bella recounts hollywoodlife, “She’s been singing for so many years of her life and that was her identity, right? And now that she’s been doing it for so long, there’s something else she wants out of life. She has to sit there and really understand what she wants and who she is as a person and all the past trauma she has gone through. How does she navigate through it? But the difficulty is that I too am going through it. I have my own struggles and I have my own traumas that I am dealing with.”

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Bela ho is new in season 2. (HBO Max)

She continued, “I think the biggest issue is that we both have these feelings and emotions. We both care about each other a lot, but I need to have that open conversation with my mom, and He needs to do this to me. How do we continue and rebuild our relationship? And have a better relationship and just be better people because no one is perfect. I never want my mom to be perfect I’m not expecting, and I hope she doesn’t expect it from me. But I do hope that if she cares about me enough, and I care about her enough, I know that we can work through our problems Will do and see you in the middle.”

Bella revealed that she always “felt that kind of purity towards my mom and my dad. Even though my parents were more westernized and allowed me more freedom, I still wanted to make them proud and Wanted to do all this for them and never made sure they had to worry about me.I felt like I was doing this to myself,without anyone asking,it was my responsibility to pay my mom for all those things was the way he’s ever done it to me. And I guess, in his eyes, he didn’t see it that way. He looked at it the way I should have done it anyway.”

She credits “generational differences” for some of the tension between herself and her mother. “She came here, worked 12 hours a day, and then sang and did it all night long. I came here and I just had to figure out myself and explore those things and things like that. I didn’t have to worry. But I still struggle, and I still feel a lot of different things like her. My experience is not invalid, and neither is hers. Will you go up?” Bella noted.

judy ho
Judy Ho in ‘House of Ho’ Season 2 (HBO Max)

Kim revealed that her family is “more traditional in the sense that their views are a little more conservative.” Growing up she didn’t really get a chance to “express” herself.

Kim said, “I understand the sacrifices my parents make, and as an older sister, I have done everything in my ability to make sure that every day she knows her struggle is worth it.” ,” said Kim. hollywoodlife, “But in the mission of fulfilling their wishes, I lost myself a little. So when I was given the opportunity to go to college in California, even though it was against my parents’ wishes, it was probably the only one in my entire life. It was something I did at the time that was against their will. So I took it for myself and was a little selfish. As a result, I was able to learn even more about my culture. Along the way, I learned more about myself. Learned more and when I put my foot down and said that even though I appreciate all the sacrifices and all the work done for me, my mental health, my well being is also important. Even if you are there for your family and our Vietnamese family live, we also need to live for ourselves.” house of ho Season 2 premieres August 25 on HBO Max.

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