Australian actor found missing after online date

Laura McCulloch, an Australian actress who was believed to have gone missing in Los Angeles after an online date, has not only been found but has also been arrested.

Santa Monica Police Lieutenant Rudy Flores said Tuesday that a 37-year-old woman was booked Friday night on suspicion of public intoxication and after resisting arrest after she allegedly called a police officer to a Santa Monica restaurant was called in response to a dispute. A statement to the Times.

McCulloch appeared at the airport courthouse on Tuesday and was charged with a felony, according to online court records. Bail was set at $25,000.

Flores said that around 8:30 p.m. Friday night, Santa Monica police were dispatched to report a battery at a restaurant on the 200 block of Arizona Avenue. They were told that McCulloch allegedly threw a drink at a restaurant patron and their 2-year-old.

McCulloch showed “obvious signs of intoxication”, later “accusing officers of abusive shouting” and continued to act aggressively while officers tried to pacify him.

“During efforts to detain her, she became physically belligerent, kicked at officers and bit an officer on the shoulder,” Flores said.

Previously, McCulloch’s friends and family were looking for her after her disappearance and they went as far as sharing missing persons posts on social media and launching a GoFundMe to help fund the search. After this the Los Angeles Police Department refused to begin a search for the woman, the family said.

LAPD Public Information Officer Tony Im said McCulloch went missing on Tuesday and was last seen at his home on Friday.

The family had set a target of $5,000 (Australian dollars) to help with the search effort and raised $1,000 as of mid-Pacific time on Tuesday.

“Laura has been located successfully! At this current stage we are unable to confirm what status she is in, and if any further financial assistance is needed, but I will do my best to provide an update as it becomes available.” ,” the actor’s cousin and GoFundMe organizer Mary McCulloch wrote on the fundraising page early Tuesday.

“Meanwhile, I can confirm that it was only through the efforts of her wonderful friends and family that she was successfully located and I am sure they would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation for your contribution and incredible support so far. would like.”

McCulloch’s family said she went missing on Friday and was last seen in the Santa Monica area wearing a blue blouse, red skirt and tan shoes as she prepared for a first date on Tinder or Bumble . He said he “missed many important commitments, classes, and work, and that’s very characterless of him,” adding that efforts to track down his phone and obtain CCTV footage of him were unsuccessful and that authorities were involved. Attempts were made, including by law enforcement and the Australian embassy, ​​to “be of no use.”

According to daily MailThe “bubbly and lively” woman from the Australian state of Victoria, who published posters of some missing persons, also deleted her dating profile.


The family said it has hired a private investigator and the money from the fundraiser will go directly to McCulloch’s sister, Claire McCulloch, to help pay for the investigation, posters and any necessary travel.

The Daily Mail reported that McCulloch reportedly moved from New York to L.A. in 2021, where she worked as an actor, singer, voice-over artist, writer and producer. His single on-screen credit was for Abigail Bogle’s short indie film “Covid Support Group”.

She also starred in an American stage version of “A Tale of Two Cities” in South Carolina in March 2021 and served as a nanny in between roles.

In Australia, she appeared as a dancer in the short film “The Black Sheep” in 2010 and the film version of “The Nutcracker” in 2009.

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