At least 9 injured in mass shooting in Cincinnatic city

At least nine people were injured in a mass shooting in downtown Cincinnati early Sunday, police said.

Because the suspect was actively shooting, Lieutenant Colonel Mike John of the Cincinnati Police Department told a news conference that an officer shot. He said it was unknown whether the bullet hit the suspect.

Thereafter, the suspect “run away from the spot,” he said, adding that no one was currently in custody.

None of the victims was “in critical condition and most of those injuries are lower extremity injuries,” he said.

A large crowd had quickly gathered after officers deployed “two blazing balls” into the air, he said, as officers tried to make way for emergency services to treat the injured.

John said that based on preliminary information, the suspect was wearing a white shirt, dark colored pants. He said investigators were promoting the scene and looking for witnesses. The camera footage will also be reviewed, he said.

John said at least two people were shot in a separate incident in Cincinnati’s Central Business District. He did not say whether the shooting was related.

He did not provide any information on the condition of the victims or details about the suspect.

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