Astros catcher has unique piece of MLB history

Martin Maldonado #15 of the Houston Astros visits Jose Urquidi #65 during the fourth inning against the New York Mets at Minute Maid Park on June 21, 2022 in Houston, Texas.
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

A no-hitter is one of the most impressive feats a pitcher can shoot.

This means that, for a game, the opposing team cannot do any damage.

It matters whether it’s combined, too: Multiple bowlers can join forces to cover nine innings and complete the feat.

Houston Astros No-hit the New York Yankees’ impressive offense over the weekend.

Christian Xavier, Hector NerisAnd ryan pressley United on Saturday completely left the Yankees off the scoreboard.

catcher martin maldonado He was there to guide them from beginning to end.

For the Astros veteran backstop, this wasn’t the first time he led the Astros pitching staff to a combined no-hit, no-run.

“From @ Astros:Martin Maldonado becomes first catcher in MLB history to catch multiple combined no-hitters,” tweeted reporter Mark Berman.

king of joint no-hitters

As it turns out, the Astros threw another combined no-hitter in August 2019, and Maldonado, known for his excellent leadership and game-calling skills, was also behind the plate.

Aaron Sanchez, Will Harris, Joe Biagini And Chris Devansky Achieved his 12th no-hitter in Astros history, thanks in large part to Maldonado.

In an article on Three years ago, when he achieved the feat, Sanchez talked about how the communication channels Maldonado established helped him gain an edge:

“That was all. To be able to set everything out of the gate, throw everything to strike, and after that it’s just to keep people off balance. In the middle of the innings, what he saw and what he Wanted, he’d give his two cents on that and he goes a long way when you have someone like that behind you.”

Maldonado may not be an elite hitter, but he can certainly catch a game and guide a staff.

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