Are Zodiac Signs Real? Here’s what astrology has to say

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Have you ever asked someone about their zodiac sign and they tell you they are Gemini-Cancer? Or an Aquarius-Pisces? Or even Libra-Scorpio? These rare people call themselves “cusp babies,” which means their personalities can’t be described by just one zodiac sign. Although, tails are real in astrology, If you believe strongly in your status as someone who was “born on the cusp” or you know someone who claims to be two zodiac signs, what I’m going to say next , pay close attention to that.

The truth is, the cusps aren’t real (at least not in the way you might think they are). However, before we get into the specifics of why there is no such thing as a baby boyIt is important to remember that astrology has strict rules that cannot be broken. Although it is encouraged to be creative with your understanding of the zodiac and to delve deeply into the language of the universe, there are certain standards that must be kept within the study of astrology. And one thing that every astrologer will say worth their salt is that tails are not real. I repeat: Cups. Huh. No. Real.

Why? You must be thinking. If you are someone who has spent your whole life identifying as an Aries-Taurus zodiac sign, this news can be upsetting. It can even start a full blown identity crisis! However, you have no reason to worry, as no one fully identifies with their zodiac sign. Astrology is more complex and complex than you can ever imagine and your birth chart There can be a far deeper dive into your personality than the concept of “being born on the cusp”.

Here’s the truth about cusps and why they’re a myth that needs to be dispelled tomorrow:

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What is Kusum in astrology?

Before we get into the reasons why it’s impossible for this to happen born with two sun signsWell, let’s talk about what cusps really are. After all, cusps *do* exist in astrology, just in a different form than you might imagine.

Astrology is the bread and butter of the world birth certificate, It is essentially a snapshot of what the planets were like at the time of your birth. This birth chart is divided into 12 different sections, each of which is represented by one of the 12 astrological houses, These represent a different aspect of your life and each house is ruled by a specific zodiac (yes, you have all 12 zodiac signs in your birth chart). The line separating one house from another is called the “tail”.

Since most of us haven’t calculated our birth charts, the concept of “being born on the cusp” has caught fire and spread without hesitation. And the attraction is understandable. After all, if you were born in the next zodiac sign or on days away from the previous zodiac, wouldn’t it make sense to have the qualities of both? affect your personality, In principle, yes. However, the truth is far more complex.


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Can you be born with two zodiac signs?

When People Ask You About Your Zodiac Sign, They’re Really Talking your sun sign, And since the Sun is in a very specific position at the time of your birth, it can only be in one sign at a time. After all, as astrologer Randon Rosenbohm once said: In his viral tear-eyed video: “The Sun cannot be in both Leo and Cancer together. You are either one or the other.”

If you were born when one zodiac sign turns another, it is important that you call your mother and ask your time of birth, as it is time Calculate your natal chart, Since the Sun enters a new zodiac sign on different dates and times each year, you can’t rely on guesses to figure out your specific Sun sign. And because there are only 0 to 29 degrees of each zodiac sign in your birth chart, the Sun was either within or outside those limits at the time of your birth. In fact, if you are born with your Sun on the 29th of a zodiac sign, you will be the extreme manifestation of that zodiac. And if you were born when the Sun was at 0 degrees, you can be the purest manifestation of that zodiac sign, deepening your connection with that sign.


If you identify with one zodiac sign more than another, then there are probably other planets in that zodiac in your birth chart.


If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, an approximate understanding of what time of day can also help you figure it out. what is your real amount, After all, if the Sun enters Virgo in the afternoon and you were born in the morning, it means you will be a Leo! But if you were born in the evening, it means you will *definitely* be a Virgo.

If you’re currently mourning your status as a “cusp baby,” don’t let this news ruin your day. After all, you still have a perfect birth chart that accounts for your personality! If you identify with one sign more than another, your birth chart probably has other planets of that zodiac, After all, astrology is so much more than your zodiac sign!

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