Animal rescuers accuse Devore shelter of inadequate care

Animal rescuers have come forward and accused the management of not walking the dogs and not giving them adequate medical care, leading to suffering and even death.

A San Bernardino County spokesman said the county uses volunteers to provide support services for the shelter, but animal advocates say they rarely see those volunteers at the shelter.

A concerned resident who visits every week says that not only are the dogs running, but there is no vet on site, and although many animals receive basic medical care from an offsite vet under contract with the county, Many people do not get treatment.

The good news is that the Board of Supervisors has approved a budget allowing the construction of a new animal shelter in Bloomington, the Fontana Herald News. informed of,

Kacey Montoya reports for KTLA 5 News on August 25, 2022 at 6 pm.

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