After the death of the child, the police arrested the mother in the funeral home

shakeela festival31, was arrested thursdayy at a Decatur funeral home where her daughter was scheduled to Services On suspicion, he drowned the child in the bathtub.

according to a People Reportedly, Georgia police filed a charge of second-degree murder against Lithonia’s mother. He is accused of drowning his seven-month-old daughter about two weeks ago. The child died a few days after the infant drowned in the bathtub.

Allegedly, Feaster’s newborn daughter, Jaloni Small, died on 4 August. The girl is said to have died due to her injuries after she was left unattended in an allegedly filled bathtub. Ja’Lonnie was reportedly left alone in the tub for “more than five minutes” on July 30, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office, according to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

According to his funeral service schedule shared by family members on Facebook, Jaloni was born on January 16, 2022. Since the mother’s arrest, Fester is reportedly in police custody and held without bond.

Mother arrested at funeral home where child was to be served

As per reports, the family performed the last rites of the child on Friday, August 12. It was not clear whether Fester was arrested while serving Jelloni. The police report confirms that he was arrested in the funeral business.

Police have not discussed a motive in the case, nor has Fester appeared before a judge to file a plea charge of second-degree murder.

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