Actress Kimberly Ellis in Roe v. Celebrated Wade’s reversal and received mixed reactions from fans

turn of Roe vs. Wade—the law that allowed women to have abortions freely and safely across the United States — has taken over much of the conversation on social media. Actress Kimberly Ellis Recently shared his happiness with this move of Supreme Court which got mixed reactions from his fanbase.

Ellis, best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, is an openly Christian. In an Instagram post, she called Roe v. Celebrated Wade’s overturning, tying his faith with joy.

The actress shared the biblical verse Psalm 139:13-14, which talks about prophecy and God’s purpose as it relates to bringing up children in the world. She captioned the photo with the following message:

Roe v. The overturning of the Wade will save millions of children from death by abortion. Hallelujah! #glory be to God”

Nearly 50,000 people took to The Shade Room to share their thoughts on Kimberly Ellis’ post, and hundreds of others spoke about the post on Twitter. While some fans slammed Ellis and even resented her, others respectively disagreed and some even joked about the fictional character they abused.

Kimberly Ellis played Helen in ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ – a woman who was scorned, battered and beaten by her husband, Charles. People on Twitter joked about Helen that she deserved the abuse she received after her miscarriage.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Alice has since turned off her Instagram comments.

What are your thoughts on this, Rumis?

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