Aaron Robinson’s struggle for the Giants a source of concern

Maybe NFL officials who threw penalty flags at Giants cornerback Aaron Robinson just wanted in at a party started by Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Sometimes, pre-season games are all about creating the wrong direction. Other times, what happens in August is a harbinger of what’s in store after the game counts down.

And there was an ominous feeling Thursday that Hoyer threw at Robinson with repeated success on five out of nine snaps he had a taste of how anti-crime veterans see: Adori Jackson until Robinson proved himself. There is no need to target.

“There are some good things he had, and some things we can do better,” head coach Brian Dabol said a day after opening with the Giants. 23-21 win against the Patriots, “Aaron has had a good camp, and it’s a good competitive position. Corners are going to be green one at a time, and that’s how you answer the next game, the next game. I trust A-Rob a lot. “

It was a small sample, but Robinson saw his share of a second-year pro, whose rookie season was washed out as he missed eight games and played a different position (slot) in a different plan on the field.

Aaron Robinson faces Patriots receiver Christian Robinson after his welcome in the Giants' preseason-opening victory.
Aaron Robinson faces Patriots receiver Christian Robinson after his welcome in the Giants’ preseason-opening win.

With the head coach (Joe Judge) who drafted him on the opposing edge working with the quarterback, Robinson allowed three catches for 44 yards and a touchdown. Robinson was flagged for a tick-tack taunting penalty following an imperfection and a holding penalty (denied for touchdown), which has been an issue throughout his training camp.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Robinson told reporters in the locker room. “You have to embrace it. That’s part of the game. That’s what makes plays.”

The bitter truth is that the Giants are in a roster position where they must ask too many young players too soon and live with the results. Defensive coordinator Wink Martindale uses a blitz-heavy plan that drops cornerbacks into press man-to-man coverage.

“You hope [Robinson] To jump in and rise to a starting opportunity,” defensive back coach Jerome Henderson said last week. “He has a great demeanor. Even though he outspoken doesn’t say much, his play says a lot – and the way he cares means a lot to me. ,

Aaron Robinson is asked to intervene on Patriots tycoon Thornton during the Giants' presidency-opening victory.
Aaron Robinson is asked to intervene on Patriots tycoon Thornton during the Giants’ presidency-opening victory.

To all the newcomers around the Giants, Robinson’s debut became familiar to a crowd that identifies the No. 2 cornerback as an old black hole. He was beaten with the first steps and playing catch-up.

In 2019, preseason starter Antonio Hamilton was benched after playing one regular season. In 2020, Corey Ballantyne made two starts at the job and was later cut during Week 10. To fix the problem by signing Jackson to pair with James Bradberry in 2021, the Giants could again be in a position where offenses attack one side of the field as they were not able to replace Bradberry. when that pay-cap became a casualty.

“Every team has its own philosophy of being aggressive. I don’t want to speak for other teams,” Dabol said when asked if he expects such a strategy. “I think we have to be ready to defend all areas of the field.”

Robinson may have a longer lease than some of its predecessors. Martindale implied last week that there is a thick line of demarcation between starters and backup.

“I love our first group of secondary players,” he said, “and now we just have to build on the depth of that secondary.”

Rookie Kordell Float – a second team – was injured in the opener, and the Giants have not acted in free agency this season like a tape-and-glue team that seeks to take rep away from the younger players. .

“We played a lot of man-to-man coverage, so it was a good assessment,” Dabol said. “Had a few good plays, and then we have to do a good job of finding the ball and finding it in the deep part of the field. I thought those guys competed, tackled fairly well, tight in coverage. We have to keep working on creating drama on the ball.”

The work starts with a new starter.

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