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The Shakman Consent Decree is no longer there as it applies to the office of the Governor. The settlement had its roots in conservation hiring practices that have long plagued city, county and state government.

An appeals court has said End of federal court oversight of state hiringFreeing the official JB Pritzker and future governors from the scrutiny that has endured through eight administrations over half a century.

and the Indiana House passed a bill that Ban almost all abortions in the stateSending legislation back to the state Senate to provide on changes to the House.

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The Great Lakes Piping Plover Conservation Team has announced a record-breaking 2022 breeding season, with 149 wild chicks reaching the fledgling – or flying – stage, the most since official counts began in 1984. Read more here.

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Company officials said they would preserve the building as affordable housing, and spend about $4 million on upgrades to its plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. Read more here.

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The Cubs entered Friday with a 41-63 record and a five-game loss. But he has seen good pitching over the past two weeks, with an ERA of 2.63 in the last 15 matches, the lowest among the majors in that period. Read more here.

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“Mount Chicago,” her new novel (592 pages), is another ambitious swing for literary fans, or at least, a rolling but mournful stab at the sprawling American novel returning to Chicago, home of Theodore Dreiser’s “Sister Carey.” . And say Saul’s “Oggy March.” Read more here.

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James Mueller, 76, and Donna Mueller, 75, of Janesville, Wisconsin, were killed by lightning in Lafayette Park, just outside the White House complex. Read more here.

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