‘A gruesome, gruesome tragedy.’ Man charged with killing 3 people, injuring a quarter in hit-and-run outside Jeffrey Pubo

A man has been charged with driving his car through a group of people outside a famous gay bar in the South Shore earlier this month, killing three and injuring a fourth.

Announcing the charges against 34-year-old Tavis Dunbar, police said they were still unprovoked and that there was no evidence yet that the attack was a hate crime.

“Why did they do it? We don’t know that,” Chief of Staff Detective Brendan Dinnihan told reporters Tuesday morning, hours after Dunbar was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Dinihan said it does not appear that the Dunbar 7041 S. Jeffrey at Jeffrey Blvd was involved in any brawls outside the pub with the people he hit. on 14 August. According to Dinihan, Dunbar had floored the accelerator and hit a group of people standing in the street with no indication that he had applied the brakes.

Videos showed victims being thrown into the air, and a police report said at least one of them landed on the next block.

Police said some people in the street were involved in the argument, but Dunbar was not involved. While they were feuding in front of the bar, Dunbar approached a car and went straight to the group, “apparently a random act,” Sup. David Brown said at a news conference.

Chicago police recovered the car a short distance away, but Dunbar escaped. Investigators used video surveillance to track Dunbar into a building where he had gone to ask for help, and people inside helped identify him as the driver.

Brown said the car was not stolen and the owner did not appear to be “involved in the crime.” To help prove that he was driving at the time, investigators recovered DNA from the airbags that were deployed.

Dunbar surrendered to police on Monday morning and “called for her right to remain silent,” Dinihan said. “I know there are a lot of questions on why he did it,” he said. “We don’t have that motive right now. He didn’t talk.”

Dinihan said there is currently no evidence that shows Dunbar has committed a hate crime or has targeted people based on their “race, creed or anything else.”


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Chicago Police Department

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx said she hoped the charges would “provide some degree of comfort” to those affected by the attack. “It was a gruesome, horrific tragedy in the city of Chicago,” she said.

Foxx said prosecutors are seeking to keep Dunbar without bail when he appears in court on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Cook County Court records, Dunbar previously pleaded guilty to domestic battery misdemeanor in 2011 and was sentenced to one year of probation, which she later violated and did not successfully complete. Two protective orders have also been issued against him.

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