A consistently low attendance

The Oakland Athletics play the Texas Rangers at the nearly empty RingCentral Coliseum on May 26, 2022 in Oakland, California.  Attendance at Oakland Athletics baseball games has been reduced to historic lows as the team trades in fan-favourite players and if they cannot reach a deal to build a new stadium near the port of Oakland, the team is forced to leave. The locating to take Vegas continues.  The Athletics have the lowest attendance of all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) games as well as the league's lowest single game attendance for the May 2 game which attracted only 2,488 fans.
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Oakland Athletics The problem remains for MLB.

The ownership competed until the 2021 season: they, in all fairness, tried to overcome the hump and make the playoffs with several high-profile business takeovers.

Once they failed to meet the goal, they decided to take things apart, drop payroll, and trade their all-stars about to be expensive.

Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, frankie montaso, Sean Manea, Chris BassitoAnd many other stars have been traded in the past year.

Now, the roster is completely finished, almost like Triple-A.

At 46–79, the 2022 A has the worst record in the American League and the second worst in MLB after the Washington Nationals.

The A have no stars and no competitors, and their stadium is old and not functional.

After considering all these things, it’s fair to assume that fans don’t want to go to their games.

And why would they?

It’s hard to blame them when the proprietor certainly wants to save every penny.

The attitude of fans towards athletics is certainly reflected in the attendance numbers.

A last-place team in attendance, too

The A’s are not only the last-place team in the standings: they are also last in attendance, with an average of 9,456 brave, loyal fans.

They are also the last in percentage of stadium capacity filled with fans per game, with only 20.2 percent.

Those are some really sad numbers for a once great franchise.

The league needs to do something about the franchise for the sake of MLB and its fans.

A’s fans don’t deserve that kind of mediocrity.

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