8-year-old boy paralyzed in Highland Park in ‘constant pain’: family

An 8-year-old boy, paralyzed in a mass shooting in Highland Park trying to make sense of his new life, lives in “constant pain”, his family said.

Cooper Roberts was one of dozens who were wounded by a gunman set on fire From a rooftop during a Chicago suburb’s Fourth of July parade. Seven people had died. Robert Cremo III was accused in the massacre.

“There are layers of brutality with being shot by a sniper. Most people do not see the dire consequences of these devastating wounds, physical and emotional survival,” the Roberts family said Tuesday.

“Cooper is in constant pain. It’s sad to see. He still has internal damage – wounds that heal slowly. He’s on a constant IV drip of antibiotics to clear up the infection, the inflammation that’s the whole internal picture.” stomach ache, and abdominal pain as his body learns to process primarily liquid food.

Cooper’s injuries left him paralysis below the waist, His family said that he is undergoing physical treatment at a hospital and has not been home for 43 days.

The family added, he still struggles to eat solid food, and can’t even stomach more than a bite or two of his favorite foods.

“He’s starting to ask things like, ‘What will I do during my vacation?’ Although it will take weeks for him to go back to school,” he wrote. “It is very hard to convince Cooper that he will be happy again.”

The Roberts family has provided several updates on the Cooper situation. gofundme page,

“Every kindness makes her smile,” he said Tuesday. “We are so grateful for the gifts, cards, prayers and donations that will help us all get through this very frustrating period.”

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