76 people are in discussion of a unique tampering

The interior of the 76ers logo painted on a wooden floor at the Sixers Training Complex during the Julius Irving Youth Basketball Clinic on September 9, 2017 in Camden, New Jersey.
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Less than a week ago, the NBA announced Philadelphia 76ers His off-season free agency moves are being investigated for possible tampering.

was allegedly tampered with in respect of the contracts awarded to James Harden, PJ TuckerAnd Danielle House,

For Tucker & House, it’s a less serious allegation that appears to happen every year.

Deals are settled before teams and players can legally start talking.

With Harden, it’s a form of tampering that the league takes seriously.

There are 76ers Inquiry is being done regarding salary cut Harden for the upcoming season.

Harden agreed to a two-year, $68.6 million deal after running out of his player option for the upcoming season.

His player option would have paid him $47 million and his new deal would only pay him $33 million.

That $14 million pay cut allowed the 76ers to sign Tucker and House.

Competing teams have wondered whether Harden took a pay cut now with a deal to join hands for more money next season.

This is something that is illegal in a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Dr. Rivers said it’s a liar And the organization is cooperating with the investigation.

76ers status

Tucker and House’s situation is not unique.

Every year, teams announce deals with free agents within minutes of free agency officially opening.

How could this be possible if they were not allowed to stay in touch till that time?

All 30 NBA teams have sparred in some way or another, but the league only penalizes the most obvious (or the most high-profile) cases.

Harden’s situation is a little different.

until Morey sent Harden a text, email or letter explicitly stating that he had a maximum contract waiting for him next season if he took a pay cut this off-season. It would be difficult to prove this.

Harden has expressed his desire to win, so he may have actually taken a pay cut to improve his chances of winning.

It’s also technically a two-year deal, so they took the additional protection with the additional year.

The Athletic’s John Hollinger An interesting thing also emerged about this style of molesting.

“Where does the league care to draw the line?”

Harden is under investigation this year but no action has been taken against the LA Clippers along with Nick Bottoms or the Milwaukee Bucks. Bobby Portiso,

Both players signed a one-year deal from their market value in 2021 and then re-signed for their maximum value this season.

If a sentence is given for Harden, the 76ers would certainly raise questions about those two cases.

After a fruitful off-season, the 76ers now find themselves in a unique position.

And one that could shape the future of NBA free agency.

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