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Jacqueline Hill
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Jacqueline Hill32, has just announced that her ex-husband, musician john hill, 33, passed away on August 10, 2022. The former couple was married from 2009-2018. While no cause of death was given, John spoke publicly about his battle with drug addiction, and in 2019 released an album titled Rebirth. Board, In an Instagram Story on Thursday, August 11, Jacqueline posted these words: “I was asked by John’s family to post this next slide…”

The following slide contained a photo of John, as well as a statement from his family. “It is with the utmost regret and sadness to inform that our dear Andrew Jonathan Hill has passed away on August 10, 2022,” the slide read. “We are all devastated by the sudden tragedy. The Hill family requests privacy during this extremely difficult time. VR, Hill Family.”

As for Jacqueline, she’s probably best known among fans of the YouTube beauty blog, but she’s got a second claim to fame. On September 1, he and fellow YouTuber vloggers Kathleen Lights Did a collab video. as filming progressed Everyone started drinking and Kathleen shouted the “n” word while playing the video game, Jacqueline posted the clip to Snapchat without realizing that she had been racially abused! Of course, you can guess what happened next – an avalanche of comments spewing abuse and condemnation of the video! She has since deleted the video and apologized but the fans’ fury has not subsided. Who knew beauty vlogging involved this level of drama! Watching the sad news about John, here’s what to know about Jacqueline.

1) She started her YouTube channel in 2011 And, first, there was recreating the makeup look of choice. kylie jenner19, and Kim Kardashian, 36. Eventually he started gathering followers. He currently has over 4 million! His skill set and perky, positive attitude attracted many people which helped his YouTube channel grow rapidly. Go here to see his apology for posting the regrettable clip.

2) He currently resides in Tampa, FL. lives in With her husband of 8 years, john hill who is the drummer. The couple has just bought their first home together and they have two dogs named Georgie and Frankie.

3) Jacqueline has worked with some big makeup brands including Becca Cosmetics, Together they created the “Champagne Pop” highlighter. Morphe Cosmetics created the “Jacqueline’s Favorite” palette, and her biggest and most recent success is a second collab with Morphe Cosmetics where she created her own eyeshadow palette featuring 35 brand-new custom shades. When Her Palette Launched With Morphe June 21It sold out in less than an hour!

4) Jacqueline was the first beauty YouTuber to film a video with Kim K! They filmed a “Get Ready with Me”-style video.

5) Jacqueline has been very candid about her struggle to find success as a YouTube vlogger. She has discussed how she and her husband were once living off food tickets to make ends meet. The pair moved to new states several times before gaining fame with their videos.

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