5 players up, 5 down (Kenny Golladay)

The public part of the training camp is done for the summer. Evaluation and fine-tuning of offense, defense and special teams operations is ongoing. A preseason game is in the books, and players are taken around the depth chart board on a daily basis.

Here’s a look at five giants whose stocks are rallying and five who need to pick things up.


CB Darne Homes

New York Giants Darne Holmes makes an interception at training camp on Friday, July 29, 2022 in East Rutherford, NJ.
Corey Sipkin

Making plays and turning turnovers into practice – he did a sensational one-handed interception last Sunday and the next day He was the top fourth of his INT team. come with Camp’s – A great way to make your mark on the new coaching staff. Holmes’ first two seasons had more ups and downs than ups, and he needed a quicker heat. The 24-year-old former fourth-round pick has emerged as the heavy favorite to get the nickel corner job.

I LB Darien Beaver

New York Giants linebacker Darien Beavers #41 during training camp at the Giants training facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
Charles Weinzelberg/New York Post

Rookie Cincinnatic Sixth Round Pick He started the precision opener in place of Blake Martinez (who is slowly coming out of reconstructive knee surgery), and immediately displayed his massive hit in the run game. At 6-foot-4 and 255 pounds, Beaver is a bigger, more physical option, surpassing Tae Crowder in linebacker Tae Crowder in the competition to line up next to Martinez.

ol ben bredesson

Giants guard Ben Bradson (68) in practice in East Rutherford, NJ
bill costroun

He played 10 games for the Ravens in 2020, traded with the Giants and played eight games (one start) last season. Bradson was the squeezed candidate after being brought into the depth experienced by GM Joe Scion, but Injuries to Shane Lemieux and rookie Josh Ezudu And heat issues with john feliciano Bradson got a ton of work left guard and center. He played well against the Patriots and his versatility will help him.

RB Antonio Williams

New England Patriots safety Jalen Elliott catches the leg of the New York Giants as they pass Antonio Williams (21) in the second half of a Presidents NFL football game on Thursday, August 11, 2022 in Foxboro, Mass.

The 24-year-old was former Bills backup Schoen’s first Giants signing, and with Matt Breeda not available for the preseason opener, Williams ran well (nine carries, 61 yards) and into the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown. Pledge. Brian Dabol liked the way Williams tackled the kickoff coverage team.

WR Colin Johnson

New York Giants wide receiver Colin Johnson (15) is brought down by New England Patriots cornerback Terrence Mitchell during the first half of a Presidents NFL football game on Thursday, August 11, 2022 in Foxboro, Mass.

At 6-foot-6, Johnson is hard to miss. He did 18 receptions for the Jaguars in 2020 and 11 for the Giants in 2021. Johnson took advantage of injuries in the wide receiver position to make the most of his reps—some of them with a first-team offense. against the patriots, Johnson led the Giants with seven receptions for 82 yards. However, he punches out for the ball to fumble.


CB Aaron Robinson

New York Giants Aaron Robinson (33) defends against tight end Andre Miller (43) during training camp in East Rutherford, NJ Saturday, July 30, 2022.
Noah K. died

The squeeze of the pay-cap forced the Giants to release their best cornerback, James Bradberry, raising a big question mark on the defence. Robinson, 24, gets his first crack at the lining as a starter, and Early returns are not encouraging, He was set on fire by the Patriots, skipping a 33-yard reception and a 2-yard touchdown.

WR Kadarius Tony

New York Giants Kadarius Tony runs a practice at training camp on Friday, July 29, 2022 in East Rutherford, NJ.
Corey Sipkin

Remember the first day of camp when Tony jumped and Made an eye opener, contested catch, He was back on 27 July. It seems like a long time ago. Year No. 2 is off to an inauspicious start: Tony has been hurt again, and will almost certainly miss Sunday’s second preseason game against the Bengals after sitting out the first one. It doesn’t matter how dynamic the player is if he is rarely available.

WR Kenny Golladay

New York Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay (19) as the New York Giants practice Monday, August 15, 2022, at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, NJ, as part of camp.
Robert Sabo

Is Goladay getting lonely? Perhaps. But the man signed a four-year contract worth $72 million last year, and Has he done a lot to impress anyone?, Golladay uses his 6-foot-4 frame to dominate a very low defensive back, he often looks sluggish in practice and his fall in the opening series at Foxborough gave the opening offense a touchdown on the first drive.

Te Ricky Seals-Jones

The Washington football team bullies Ricky Seals-Jones (83) after a Presidents NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, August 28, 2021, in a landover, MD Baltimore win 37-3.

The Travelman sixth-year pro has 90 career receptions and 10 touchdowns, and it made sense for the Giants to sign him in the event of need. So far, not so good. He has not been able to take the field in the camp due to injury, and is buried on the depth chart Rookie Daniel Bellinger on track to grab starting job,

OLB Ellerson Smith

New York Giants linebacker Elerson Smith #94 during practice at the Giants training facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
Charles Weinzelberg/New York Post

The last Front Office’s 2021 fourth-round pick provided a few glimpses into the camp. But Smith skipped practice early Sunday due to a leg injury. What did he need in order to claim a roster spot? A long miss could give Oshane Zimines or Quincy Roche a chance to advance from them.

‘It’s all just beautiful’

The clock was closing, the Giants were looking to complete a game-winning drive and Brian Dabol knew he couldn’t wait.

“We were down towards the end of the game, and there were some people who hadn’t played yet,” said Dabol, “so I wanted to make sure everyone who came on the trip had the opportunity to play.’ ,

So Dabol gave some pictures – and swift attempts – to Sandro Platzgummer fleeing Austria. And Dabol found three snaps for Roy Mbeteka, the huge Nigerian offensive tackle, before Graham Gano hit a field goal that gave the Giants a 23-21 preseason win over the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

August 11, 2022;  Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA;  The New York Giants trail Sandro Platzgammer (34) against the New England Patriots during the second half of a pre-season game at Gillette Stadium.
Rookie Sandro Platzgeumer out of Austria got some important carries in his first preseason game to help the Patriots win over the Giants.

“I was just being prepared because I know I can be hooked at any time,” Mbeteka said later. “I was glad I went in whenever I was hooked.

“I had all the feelings of panic, happiness, everything happening all at once. I remember at the end of the day that it’s nothing I haven’t seen before, it’s everything that happens in practice, It’s going to happen eventually, there’s nothing new that’s going to happen. So that was my mindset.”

Something he hadn’t seen before? Well, three snaps were the first three snaps played in a competitive football game. sometimes. as Recently posted Sports+ . chronicled in, Mbaeteka tried to make a better life for himself as a 6-foot-9 teen playing basketball. He did not try football until the age of 18. His unlikely journey to the NFL was assisted along the way by Ossie Umeniora. The Giants are hoping at this time next year that Mbaeteka will be in the mix for a roster spot in offensive tackle.

05/13/22 - Giants Roy Mbeteka talks to the media after practice at the Rookie Minicamp in East Rutherford, NJ
Roy Mbeteka was nervous about his first NFL game action last week, but tried to keep in mind that the game play was nothing he hadn’t seen in practice before.
bill costroun

“Just impressed,” said Dabol. “I can’t imagine coming to a different place and playing a sport you haven’t really played in a lifetime. … I mean, where to put your knee pads, how to bend them. There are so many things The one you just take for granted. He’s such a good young man. He’s physically talented, and we’re working with him every day to help him learn the game the best he can.”

Three plays came and went without incident. The Giants were running the ball and Mbeteka didn’t need to stop against a pass rush. He is a serious and studious worker and desperately wants this football life. He was not and is not overwhelmed.

“The pace was largely what I see in practice every day,” he said. “The experience of being on the big stage and playing with all the spectators and playing against someone who is not your teammate, it is all beautiful. I loved it. I loved every minute of it.”

Saying this Mbeteka stopped and smiled. “Officially my first football game,” he said. “So I’m no longer a football virgin.”

asked and answered

Here are two questions that have popped up recently that we’ll try to answer as accurately as possible:

Aziz Ozulari missed the first three weeks of training camp on his list of non-football injuries due to a hamstring strain. Does he have enough time to get ready to play in the season opener?

New York Giants' Aziz Ozulari (51) attends a drill at the NFL football team's training facility on May 26, 2022 in East Rutherford, NJ.
The Giants are hoping for an even better second year from Aziz Ozulari, when he led the team with eight as a rookie.

Ozulari came back just in time. He was cleared almost a month before the September 11 regular season opener. As long as he doesn’t experience another setback, that should be enough. the giants Ojuli. expecting big things from, who led the team in 2021 with eight sacks as a rookie. Although he was initially unable to attend camp, outside linebackers coach Drew Wilkins said, Ozulari is “as good as one gets in the meeting room and it’s as valuable as anything else.” Was able as the defense was set up, and he should be ready for speed from a mental point of view. Now he has to get down the gross part. He’s lucky enough to have two more preseason games and a joint practice with the Jets, so that Ozulari will be able to get the competitive job he needs.

Brian Dabol said he was “upset” after losing his first replay challenge as head coach. Was he really so upset about losing a challenge in a pre-season game?

New York Giants head coach Brian Dabol looks on during the presidency game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on August 11, 2022 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.
Brian Dabol was unhappy with the result of his first on-field Challenge Flag, which prompted officials not to reverse a Patriots reception last Thursday.
Getty Images

We are still getting to know Dabol, so we have to listen to him. Dabol seemed generally happy with the operation during his first game as a head coach (at any level) – offensive coordinator Mike Kafka was up in the press box to call play – and the Giants seemed to settle on the sidelines. Were. In the fourth quarter, Daboll threw a red challenge flag after Patriots receiver Christian Wilkerson caught an 8-yard pass on the left and was pushed down by safety Gavin Heslop. Dabol thought Wilkerson had lost control of the ball, but an early call to the field was kept and the Patriots scored a touchdown. The Giants won the game. Will anyone remember this? is unlikely. Still, it certainly looks like Dabol isn’t planning on missing out on too many challenges in the future.

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