4 killed in golf cart, car crashes in Texas: Police

Two children were among the four people killed after their golf cart was hit by a multi-car accident, officials said.

Local police said the incident happened late Saturday in Galveston, Texas, when an SUV passed a stop sign and hit a pickup truck. According to officials, the pickup truck collided with the golf cart, which was carrying a driver and five passengers.

Police identified the driver of the SUV as 45-year-old Miguel Espinoza, who was arrested on four counts of drug homicide.

Police said the golf cart driver died on the spot, while two minors and an adult woman were declared brought dead after being admitted to a hospital.

Another adult and a minor in the golf cart are said to be in critical condition after being admitted to the hospital. None of those aboard the golf cart have been publicly identified.

Galveston is located in Southeast Texas on the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular beach destination for vacationers. The golf cart was legally operated at the time of the accident, Galveston Police Sgt. Derek Gaspard said.

According to police, Espinoza suffered minor injuries, as did a passenger in his car. Espinoza’s bond was set at $400,000.

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