3 Seahawks who hurt their roster standing in preseason game 2 – 12th Man Rising

Aug 18, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Bo Melton (81) drops a potential touchdown pass against the Chicago Bears during the fourth quarter at Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
The Seahawks played something resembling football in preseason game 2 against the Bears. These three players looked the worst.
I could have made this article a breakdown of probably 50 players based on the Seahawks loss to the Bears in preseason game 2. Instead, I did the harder thing which is finding three players who were the most awful.
A positive is that surely once the season begins and players like Quandre Diggs and DK Metcalf are playing, the team will look a lot better. One hopes anyway.
I have watched Seattle for years and what I saw on Thursday was likely the worst I had seen from the team in any one game. Thankfully, it’s still just the preseason.
I think Melton might have something to offer the Seahawks – in theory. But he’s a bit like one of the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys. He’s a bit like the boat that can’t stay afloat only he is the receiver that can’t catch. He might be a great returner but does Seattle really want to trust him to not muff punts? (Oh, wait. That was Cade Johnson.)
While nearly every Seahawk seemingly took a turn at trying to out-horrible the other players on the roster (the only exceptions likely being Travis Homer, DeeJay Dallas and Tyler Ott), Melton was consistently terrible through the entire game. He had the most targets of any receiver (11) but only caught 4 of them. And he turned those 4 catches into a whopping 18 yards.
He also had 2 drops which is something that has plagued him since he was in college. An NFL receiver simply cannot have as many drops as Melton has had in training camp and through the first two preseason games if that receiver wants to earn a spot on an NFL roster. Unless Melton has a fantastic preseason game 3, he doesn’t need to make the Seahawks active 53-man roster.

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