13 Ariana Grande And Elizabeth Gillies In Music

Netflix releases its own movie adaptation of “13: The Musical” 12, and the film — about a group of middle school students who struggle with love, friendship, and a bar mitzvah — is filled with songs that will stick in our heads for weeks. It’s also sending us down memory lane in the original Broadway production of “13 The Musical.” The show broke barriers at the time, as it was the first (and so far only) to feature an artist and band made up of just teenagers. But it is also memorable for another reason- Ariana Grande And Elizabeth Gillies Both were in the original cast! In 2008, the two joined the show during its pre-Broadway run, and they relocated to the Great White Way. Gillies played Lucy, while Grande played Charlotte.

A year later, both were actors Cast in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” together Victoria Justice, The pair have remained friends ever since they first met as a teenager. Gillies Even Appeared alongside Grande in the 2018 video for “Thank U, Next.”

No actors have returned to Broadway since “13,” although Grande is preparing for it. Portray Glinda in the film version of “Wicked.” Meanwhile, Gillies continues to work on “Dynasty” on TV and stars. She also directed two episodes.

Ellie Golden, who stars in the Netflix film, told POPSUGAR that both Gillies and fellow original cast member Graham Phillips approached the film’s younger cast about starring in the film. On August 12, the Gillies even joked with fans about their time on the music. Twitter,

Read on to see photos of Grande and Gillies during their run of “13 The Musical,” and check out a throwback clip of them recording the cast album.

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