12 year old child taken off life support against will of parents

Archie Battersby, 12, was unconscious in a hospital in the United Kingdom and died after a protracted legal battle between doctors and the boy’s parents.

A court determined that doctors could take him off the life support system.

He died at around 2 pm on Saturday, about two hours after doctors stopped his treatment. Young Archie had been in a coma since April 7 after being found unconscious in the family home.

Ella Carter, Archie’s Fiance Brother, Tom, said the family witnessed the boy’s final moments.

“He turned completely blue,” she said. ‚ÄúThere is nothing honorable in watching a family member or child suffocate. No family should ever go through the phase we have gone through. It’s barbaric.”

Battersby’s situation became the latest legal battle that pitted a parent’s will against doctors’ advice.

His parents pushed to keep their son alive by expanding treatment or taking Archie to hospice, but doctors argued that being removed from life support was in Archie’s best interest.

Doctors at the Royal London Hospital said the child was brain-stem dead and should be allowed to die. Fox News reported that they urged him to end the treatment that kept him alive, which included artificial respiration, medication to regulate his bodily functions, and round-the-clock nursing care.

The hospital testified that Archie’s condition was unstable and felt that shaking him would make him die sooner.

A stand Archie’s family objected to, saying they would not give up hope.

On Friday, High Court Judge Lucy Theis ruled in favor of the doctors, though it was against the parents’ wishes, and ruled that Archie should stay in the hospital and withdraw his treatment.

“His unconditional love and devotion to Archie is the golden thread that runs through this matter,” Thiess wrote in her decision. “I hope now Archie can be given the opportunity to die in peaceful circumstances for him, with family that means so much to him as it clearly does to them.” The European Court of Human Rights declined to be involved in the case.

In a tearful Holly Dance, Battersby’s mother said she was “the proudest mother in the world”.

“Such a handsome little boy, and he kept fighting right till the end,” she said,

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